Michelle :: December 28, 2016 :: ip: logged
Yay! Love the new layout <3
Jessica :: December 08, 2016 :: ip: logged
I loved the teal/blue and light purple color, but I couldn't make up my mind. I really wanted black, but they didn't have it. The silver color is actually darker than it appears.

I only buy computers from HP, but their site has been pretty basic lately, most of the 15in didn't have dvd drives. I normally buy from their site, but QVC had a great deal. I'm still waiting on the program package that comes with the computer so I can transfer over programs and files.
Jessica :: November 29, 2016 :: ip: logged
Hey Sasha~ Sorry for the late reply. It's good to see you're well. I'll add you back to my affiliates on itsumo right now ^^ I love the colors in your layout! It's super bright and fun. Good luck with the site. I hope this host does well.
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