Jessica :: July 02, 2017 :: ip: logged
Hi! Sorry for such a large gap in my replies. I honestly keep forgetting the name of the host. It's sugar kiss, which seems to be a good host for small sites. If I ever want to go "professional," I'll probably get a secure host. Now I have to decide on what domain to get. The only thing that bothers me is having wasted renewal on whenthestarsfall. But it's alright.
Jessica :: June 03, 2017 :: ip: logged
Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I had some internet issues.
Your new layout is super cute! I love the bright colors.
Congrats on the new affiliates~

On the subject of my site, in response to your comment, it's all complex and irritating. I paid for hosting with another site, not with Elise, since her hosting site's been down for over half a year. I didn't know her site and the new host's site are on the same server. The new host contacted Elise, but it's been a month now. Elise is busy, I understand, but she just left everyone hanging. It's been 4 months since she's been online. She hasn't responded to anything and it's frustrating. She probably won't log on for a couple more months.
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