blending tutorial II

This is my other blending tutorial where I show you how to blend two - or more if you want - images of different sizes; once more, I chose two images of Thorin Oakenshield.

Open a new 800x600 file - or bigger if your chosen images are big - and fill with any color you want; then move the first and bigger image onto it.

Then, using the feather option - instructions on that can be found in my first blending tutorial - erase the image border until it looks similar to my example.

Move the second image onto the new file and use the feather option again, until it looks similar to below.

From the main menu on top, select Layer --> Merge Visible to close and finalize the blending.
You're done; now you're free to use brushes, text, textures, actions or filters to spice up the new blend. Enjoy! ^.^