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Welcome to Sasha's gfx corner Skyrose, here to provide quality resources since May 2014; take a look, read the Terms, grab whatever you like and enjoy. <3

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site names tips

This is not a proper tutorial; it's more of an article to help and give you some tidbits about naming your website.

First of all, take your time.
You want your site to be somewhat unique, and the best way to accomplish that is to have an unique name, which your site can be immediately identified by; I've spent many months - about 3 - myself choosing the right name for my first site. In the end, I picked Skyrose, before coming to that, I had narrowed my choices to a total of 3 or 4 names (it was more than two years ago, I don't remember them)....which is a good idea.

Don't get fixated on the single-name idea: the first name coming to your mind might not be the right choice, because you might think of much better ones later on and changing name to your site when it's already up is quite complicated.

It could also happen (as it did to a friend of mine's site) - with TLD domains, if you're going with a subdomain just skip the next part - that the name you picked has already been registered by someone else; if you didn't think of alternative before-hand, you will find yourself stuck and waste more time choosing another name...time you could have spent prepping your site. For that reason, my suggestion is, once you've narrowed your option to an handful, to launch a Bulk Search of all those names either on NameCheap, Name.com or GoDaddy (whichever is your favorite registrar) to be sure you can register the chosen name.

Good names often are inspired from your favorite band/singer or song's lyrics: you love them because they strike your soul's chords, so one or two words from a verse and/or a song might have the same effect; if the verse at it is doesn't help, you can play with it and derivate a cool name from that. If you're not inspired by those, nouns - plain and simple - are a good way to start.
In either case, do pick names made of one or two words (better be to never go above three); if you use short phrases, make sure they're catchy and easy to remember. As for words derivations, it's better if they're easy to spell - see below for why overly long names are never a good idea.

The blah-blah above can be called the what-goes part; below is site names' what-goes-NOT part.

Do NOT choose overly long names; xxx-the-abysmal-illusions-xxx and similar hideous names are a super no-nos: nobody wants to type in billions of letter to enter an url, more so if capital letter are thrown in as well.
Your own name/webnick inside the site name is another bad idea: John's Site sure is easy to recall and type but is also boooring and somebody could think you're a little pretentious; generic and famous brand names are also not that recommended...God knows how may websites have the word vanilla, girl or similar, and if you call a site Chrome it's bound to confuse visitors.
Made-up words are good only if short and easy-spelled...but whaterver you want to call your site, DO NOT NaMe It ThIs or, worse, use chatspeak like lol or kybrd; you'll only cause headaches to your visitors, making them leave your site without taking a look first. Numbers can be good as long as they are used along with one or two words.

All the things above, though they may seem a confusing cauldron of obvious crap, should be considered when naming a site, because the net world is unpredictable; the whole of it look like a ton to take on, I know. That's why I send you back to the first main rule: take your time; if you do that, the rest generally comes on its own and leads to an astounding site-name.