mysql database tutorial

Some of the most common news publishing tools and scripts - i.e. FanUpdate and Wordpress - need a MySQL database in order to work. I won't get into details about what exactly is MySQL, mostly because you don't need to know that; you just need to know how to create a database and that is what I'm gonna show you.

This tutorial requires you to your own cPanel with Softaculous Installer - 90% of the hosts uses cPanel, so it's not hard to get one; if you have that, go on reading.

First thing first, login into your cPanel with the username and password your host gave you - cPanel url is generally located at, but it can also be https::// or https:://; the login page should show something like this.

Insert the required data, and you should see a page similar to the one below; that is the main page of cPanel.

Scroll the page until you find the section called Databases, and click on the MySQL Databases icon - you can see how the icon looks like in the screenshot below.

Once inside the page, fill the required field as shown in the screenshot - click to see the large version.

After your database has been created, you need to add the user to the database; you do so by selecting your database and the user you want to add to it, and then click Add. You'll be taken to the page below; select the All Privileges on the table top and hit the Make changes button.

A green popup like the one in the screenshot down here should come out, indicated you did it right.

Congratulations! You successfully installed your MySQL database; now you're free to install FanUpdate or any other CMS script requiring a database. ^_^