create a new FTP account

Recently many sites offer free subdomain hosting, which requires you know how to create a subdomain and, more important, how to create a FTP account with its user for any eventual hostee; this tutorial will explain how to do that.

First thing first, login into your cPanel with the username and password your host gave you - cPanel url is generally located either at or https:://; the login page should show something like this.

Insert the required data, and you should see the main page of cPanel - similar to the one below.

Search until you find the section where it says FTP Accounts - like shown below - and click the icon.

Once you're on the page, just fill the fields as you see in my example and - if you are limiting your hostee's space - set the FTP Quota as in the example (it works in MB: 500MB, 1000MB = 1GB, 2000MB = 2GB, etc.); be sure to copy the FTP password somewhere, in order to remember it later.

The creation is immediate, so you should be able to see the new FTP account in a few seconds; just click on the Configure FTP Details option you see on the right of your account box to see and copy the user/account data.

You're done; the new FTP account and user are ready to be used with any FTP client - if you want a free one for Windows or Mac, head over to my free programs list. ^.^