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email account tutorial

If you don't wanna use your private Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail account on your site, you can easily create a brand new email address from your cPanel; it will look like username@your-domain.com (i.e. sasha@plasticmoon.net), and it's a fully working email address you can easily view from your smartphone as well (but I have no idea on how, as I've never had to :p).

First thing first, login into your cPanel with the username and password your host gave you - cPanel url is generally located either at your-domain.com/cpanel or https:://your-domain.com:2083; the login page should show something like this.

Insert the required data, and you should see the main page of cPanel - similar to the one below.

Search until you find the section where it says Email Accounts - like shown below - and click the icon.

Once you reach the page - similar to the one below - fill the fields like in my example and click on Create Account.

The creation is immediate, so you should see the new email in a few seconds - like shown below.

You're done; just click on More --> Access Webmail, and you're inside your brand new inbox. Enjoy your new email! ^.^