add-on domain tutorial

Many providers allow you to host more than one domain on your cPanel account; this tutorial explain how to add another domain you bought to your cPanel...which means all you'll need are a cPanel and TLD domain purchased from either a registrar like or directly from your host.
Before doing this, you'll have to make sure the domain's namerservers are correctly pointing to your hosting account, or this tutorial won't work; if they're not, you'll have to update them (Namecheap has an excellent guide on how to do it).

First thing first, login into your cPanel with the username and password your host gave you - cPanel url is generally located either at or https:://; the login page should show something like this.

Insert the required data, and you should see the main page of cPanel - similar to the one below.

Search until you find the section where it says Addon domains - like shown below - and click the icon.

You'll end up on a page like the one below; just follow all the fields (the second and third will automatically fill once you insert your domain url in the first one) as in my example - I used a fake domain because I don't have a real one to use.

Click on Add Domain, and you're done; you will see the add-on domain folder in the cPanel's File Manager. Just enter it, and you're good and ready to work on your second domain. ^.^