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Resources update

Hi there fellas, I'm finally updating. ^_^
But let's start from the new look: version 16.0 is a super-basic div layout - as in top image with a vertically repeating background - called Devoted Demi, featuring a blue and fuchsia scheme and a lovely Demi Lovato header I found on deviantART; I don't like Demi Lovato's music that much - I only like pop to a certain (small) extent - but the image was gorgeous so I had to use it in a design....and I like the final result, simple yet stylish, as I hope you will. n.n

We also gained 3 new siblings: meet awesome Kaitlyn from Everaft3r, beautiful Sky from Sugarp0p and splendid Brandi from Hakanai Paper; pay them a visit, they're all sites filled with incredibly and gorgeously useful resources. ♥

Now about the additions, as the title says this is a strictly resources updates as I didn't have new tutorials ready but didn't want to wait updating until I had; so, here's the full list of what has been added.
  • 4 new background patterns, created by playing with photoshop patterns.
  • 4 new color palettes, based on this and previous site premade.
  • 12 new textures, some made on Pixelmator and some using patterns.
Don't worry, I'm not stopping making tutorials and next update will be made by them alone; I actually hope to make a couple for each category, so stay tuned.

I really gotta go now; I wanna watch Law & Order's last season - the new characters are interesting and my slash-obsessed mind has already found a possible pair even there.
See you all on next update; take care guys, and have a wonderful week. ♥

Posted on April 04, 2017  |  0 roses in the sky

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