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Alive and kicking!

Hello there everybody, it's been a while. ^^;;;
The revamp took me a while, longer than I expected, but it's finally over, so let's start with the presentation of the new things.

First is the new layout, a div design called Absolution featuring Dean Winchester from Supernatural; it's a pretty dark and creepy and premade but I made it for Halloween (though, me being me, I only got to upload it a couple of days after it :p), so.. It's one of the very few seasonal/event premades that turned out right, so I'm quite proud of it. ^.^

We also have a couple of new affies, and other old affs started fresh with new sites; go check all of them out, as they're worth it. ♥♥

Now comes the best part - the one you've been waiting for or directly skipped to: the additions.
I managed to make a pretty decent batch, with a brand new category, so let's do a proper list as usual - you can also check them in the update box.
  • 10 textures
  • 10 gradients (new category!)
  • 2 banners
  • 10 colors
I also hauled and revamped the pages and the navigation links, renaming pretty much all of them - mostly for folder's organization; my update's favorites are the gradients, as I've tried for ages to make some so I'm extremely giddy and proud that I finally managed to do them. xD

Have to go now, as it's three in the morning and I need to sleep; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a very wonderful week-end. ♥

Posted on November 09, 2017  |  0 roses in the sky

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