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Hi there fellas, whassup? ^.^
I can't believe I'm updating the site so soon, but I was on a (graphic) roll - meaning I made a not-so-tiny bunch of new things - and decided, though there are no new tutorials time (hence the title), I had enough to update....and I also wanted to show you the absolutely gorgeous header. n.n

I bought the header from H0neydip's webstore and I'm abso-fu*king-lutely in love with it, so I put it on an equally beautiful premade stylesheet - meaning advanced divs - and here you have Skyrose's version 20.0 Beautiful Route, featuring hunkie Chris Pine; the colors are not very Christmas-y but still suited to the holiday-cheer mood in my opinion, so I hope you like the design. =)

Now, for the better part: no new tutorials this time either, but there are quite a bunch of new things to compensate that; here's the full list.
  • 6 new gradients, because I love making these.
  • 6 new banners, all coming-soon ones.
  • 6 new palettes, matching the gradients (viceversa actually).
I would've have loved to have new textures as well, but I've seem to hit a dry spell for that so they won't probably be coming anytime soon.

Have to go now, as I wanna watch Lucifer's second season - I've been wanting for a while, and now I finally got the time.
See you on next update, guys; my best wishes of a very Merry Christmas to you all. ♥

Posted on December 17, 2017  |  1 roses in the sky

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