Re-opening soon!!

[EDITED ON 08.01.2016] Finally got to make some entries for my content; so far I created only the resources entries - where I combined two categories in one - tutorials will have to wait longer. See you on re-opening day - or on next edit. :p [/EDITED]

Yeaaahh!!! I've finally managed to make a proper layout. ^__^

This took me 2 hours and a half last night and was entirely spurred by the header image, found on deviantART; anyway, the layout is done which means I can start uploading content....which is gonna take a bit, though, as I lot of stuff to upload - the resources with their folders, the tutorials and related folders (the biggest part), the site-related pages. I've also yet to make the site buttons...all in all, everything. xD
In any case I should be fully done by end of May, so stay tuned for the opening..or re-opening, as Skyrose is coming back to life - the first one lasted 2 years - after one year of absence. n_n

See you all on the official re-opening day; take care, guys, and have a great week. ♥

Posted on May 17, 2016 :: 1 roses in the sky